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Dear Allan and Benedict

I wonder if you are able to offer any suggestion regarding a centralised storage solution for fairly large files (typically up to several GB)?

I look after a number of offices within a marketing group. The offices are relatively small ranging from around 8 staff to 150 staff. Each office works with a lot of documents, presentations and media files so the storage requirements can be quite high relative to the head count (and unfortunately also the budget). Typically though the files are only used regularly for a short length of time during a project but are kept indefinitely in case they needed to be referred back to.
I have always ruled our centralised storage due to latency and speed on internet connections but now as all offices are on either 100mbps or 1gbps symmetrical connections I feel it is time to revisit the possibility of centralising storage. This would bring greater cost savings and would simplify backups a great deal.
In particular I am interested in some sort of local caching storage gateway, perhaps like the AWS Storage Gateway which presents a local 'view' of all the office's files on the centralised storage but only keeps a cache of the most recent files and anything not in the cache would be pulled from the central storage. This would have to present as SMB or AFP locally to the workstations.
We use FreeNAS for a lot of our deployments both centrally and within some remote offices, so obviously something involving ZFS would be ideal!
Are you aware of any projects that might fit my requirements?

Thanks for the informative show
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