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Hey Allen, I have been a long time listener of JB and have been watching since the first TechSnap episode and was hoping that you could share some of your magical ZFS knowledge and powers to help solve a problem that I have created/stumbled upon.

 I have a Zpool with 4 Vdevs that are mirrors of 2 drives each. Yesterday after a reboot of my main freenas server the pool became unavailable. After several reboots and zpool import I found that ZFS would simply not import the pool. It was stating that one drive for 2 of the Vdevs was unavailable and could not import the pool until they were attached. Well the drives were attached but I found that the freenas system was outputting the error on connection “ GPT rejected” and in turn not adding the device to the system?


At this point I have no idea how to proceed and am in question to the stability of ZFS if a pool of mirrors can be taken down by something as simple as this. The worst part of all this is that the data is in transition and due to this there is no current backup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[root@freenas /nonexistent]# zpool import -f
   pool: Hidden
     id: 14081934981931988315
  state: UNAVAIL

status: One or more devices are missing from the system.
action: The pool cannot be imported. Attach the missing
        devices and try again.

        Hidden                                          UNAVAIL  missing device
          mirror-1                                      ONLINE
            gptid/149e6c2e-0758-11e7-9474-001b21956a90  ONLINE
            gptid/b88ca6d2-8dae-11e8-88e5-001b21956a90  ONLINE
          mirror-2                                      DEGRADED
            gptid/170e17f7-0758-11e7-9474-001b21956a90  ONLINE
            15497951999103788446                        UNAVAIL  cannot open
          mirror-3                                      ONLINE
            gptid/1a0db401-0758-11e7-9474-001b21956a90  ONLINE
            gptid/1b531a2a-0758-11e7-9474-001b21956a90  ONLINE
          mirror-4                                      DEGRADED
            2362305398524246203                         UNAVAIL  cannot open
            gptid/8560ae57-0758-11e7-9474-001b21956a90  ONLINE
        Additional devices are known to be part of this pool, though their
        exact configuration cannot be determined.
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