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Hi guys, thanks again for the fantastic show,

This is my second time writing in and unfortunately this time I have a problem I was wondering if you might help me solve.

I’ve had a bit of a mystery come up. I have this Digital Ocean droplet with multiple jails. The setup is like this:

1 nginx reverse proxy jail
1 MySQL jail
3 Apache24/php jails running drupal.

This droplet has been chugging along just fine for about a year or so with minimal maintenance headaches.

Today all of a sudden only one of the sites is down. The reverse proxy is serving a 504 error page and I can’t seem to figure out why

I have tried restarting the reverse proxy, restarting pf, restarting Apache on the drupal jail and double checked all the configs. I checked with drupal’s CLI utility called drush and the status is showing that the site running just fine. Nothing has been altered so I’m kind of at a loss at the moment as to what could have brought this about.

Do you have any suggestions I could try? Point me in the right direction? I’m a web developer that has tried to teach himself some systems administration. I’ve gone through my usual troubleshooting checklist but now  I’m out of ideas and could use some help.

Keep up the fantastic show,
Best regards, you guys are rock stars

FOLLOW UP:  I dug around and I noticed that one of my Domain’s let’s encrypt cert had expired. The dns it’s connected to does not have an API, so I have to update it using the manual dns verification method (I’m using acme.sh). 

I’ll have to eventually reconfigure all my domains to use digital ocean’s dns so I can automatically renew this in the future.

Thanks again and see you at BSDcan!

Best regards
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