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Hi guys, great show you have, thank you for it.

I'm openbsd user and i'm using it primary as router or firewall. As you
already know, openbsd is working hard on MP networking stuff and one of
developers that is working on it is Martin Pieuchot or
Beside MP net stuff he is working on USB and DTRACE like debugger for
openbsd :)

I would like to hear him talking about MP network stuff like:
- State of MP networking and what's that plans?
- Unlocking of IP4 or IP6 forwarding
- does scheduler needs to change to make MP networking faster?
- State of SMP PF
- ART routing table
- What is SRP ? And what it is used for?
- is there any plans for multiqueue nic's and RSS (receive side
scaling) ?
- does openbsd collaborate with other bsd's on their MP net stuff?
- have openbsd considered adopting bitrig smpns branch to openbsd?
- how can regular users can help testing MP network stuff

and stuff like this :)

And of course plans for DTRACE like debugger

Thank you
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