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BSD Now Team--thanks again for the great show! Responding to your request in Ep. 294 for feedback on killer BSD features that BSD users miss when using Linux, how about sane package/ports management? This is what originally convinced me to switch away from Linux in the early '00s. I still enjoy these aspects on all major BSDs today.

This varies per BSD flavor and Linux distro, but BSDs generally have mature, unified repositories, clearly based on mainline source code for various projects. This comes along with (usually) simple patches, easily configurable options, and trusted binary packages. Dependencies and upgrades are generally managed reliably. It's nice to have one trusted repo with all compatible ports/packages maintained.

Also, since ZFS arrived in FreeBSD, in the rare instance when something bad happens in package management, then ZFS to the rescue! Snapshots/boot environments make it easy to recover from a bad package install/upgrade. ZoL may now be taking the lead, but actual practical benefits like this are still not easily achieved in most Linux distros yet, if I am not mistaken.

That being said, Linux has some other developments maturing (e.g., Snap, Flatpak, AppImage), each with unique tradeoffs, and possible cross-platform compatibility maybe coming to BSDs in the future. Linux presumably can use pkgsrc (I wonder how that's doing post-systemd).  FreeBSD may have new jails-based solutions, likely more elegant than entire containers. These things may all be worth watching in the near future whether you use Linux distros or BSDs.
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