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Hi Guys,
Great work with the show. I've been a listener for over a year now. I run FreeBSD CURRENT on my Lenovo 500S and a fanless x86 router at home.

I also have a FreeBSD Digital Ocean droplet that runs a IRC bouncer, Samba server, quagga router, OpenVPN and a Squid Proxy server.

I try to stick with FreeBSD even though it is difficult to get some things to run on it that were designed on Linux.

I recently lost my temper and used Perl in anger to re-write the basic functionality of a Linux only software called Pi-Hole to run on FreeBSD.

It is a DNS blocker that uses dnsmasq and a host file to block ads. It currently uses crontab to self update every week and will keep up to date with the Pi-Hole project.

Hope this helps someone out there!
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