Nelson - FreeBSD, rysn, nasty bug, now fixed

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The rsync list at

for the last few days has had several messages about a problem that
was reported wherein an rsync to a ZFS target machine did not diagnose
an error when the target disk filled up, or the target user quota was
exceeded, with the result that the assumption of a correct copy was

This has taken a fair amount of detective work, but it now appears
that OpenZFS on FreeBSD may have been the culprit, which likely means
that GhostBSD, HardenedBSD, TrueOS, and possibly also the several
Solaris-family operating systems, and OpenZFS on GNU/Linux, will need

Here are the fix announcements for FreeBSD 10 and 11:

In view of this being a serious hole in the otherwise stable and
reliable ZFS filesystem for 12+ years, it may deserve discussion on an
upcoming BSD Now TV webcast.
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