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Hello Allan & Benedict;

Through the recommendation of a friend, I began researching FreeBSD in 2012 as a secure and stable platform to host backend functions for my IT services company.  I have been a sporadic viewer since Episode 007: Go Directly to Jail(8), when I stumbled upon BSD Now whilst searching YouTube for FreeBSD tutorials.

The show has been a huge validator for me, professionally.  Hearing from like-minded people who have found enterprise-grade solutions within *BSD expressly serves to reaffirm certain truths in a computing world which is increasingly becoming obfuscated by profiteers & extreme-capitalists.  Thanks to BSD Now, I am constantly finding new ways to utilize *BSD in operations for my clientele & myself, freeing us of unreliable, disingenuous proprietary software.  The insights, commentary, as well as interaction offered in the IRC channel have proven invaluable.

With that being said, as of now, I am still shackled to proprietary, closed-source solutions for many of my day-to-day functions.

My goal is to have FreeBSD 11 with an array of jails running *nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM, Dovecot, Postfix and required dependencies so I may install Request Tracker (ticketing system), OpenCart (billing engine), and develop a database for asset tracking based on a vision, which I have drafted and attached.  This suite will reduce my reliance on third-party offerings and increase the portability of the data my business relies on.

In order to facilitate this goal, I have begun writing installation / configuration scripts for each segment.  
My logic behind this is, that if the scripts generate proper, functioning servers, then the method I am employing to deploy them is sound.  Additionally, I foresee potential for the implementation of prompts, so as to enable configuration customization, increasing the versatility of the scripts.  So far, I have managed to put together a portion of my web server installation script, attached.

My questions for BSD Now are:
•    Is my logic sound, regarding the creation of shell scripts to deploy these servers, rather than just trying to muddle through the whole installation, willy-nilly?
•    How should I segment the jails?
•    What would the appropriate order of operations be for these scripts?  My supposition is:
    1.        Setup FreeBSD host
    2.        Update FreeBSD host
    3.        Harden security on FreeBSD host
    4.        Build & configure jails
    5.        Build & configure services within jails
    ≥6.      Verify functionality; backup data, restore data, update host & jails, reconfigure, etc.
•    What is the current best tool to deploy and manage jails for my use-case -- is it ezjail or should I look into iocage, warden or something else?
•    Am I using the wrong tools?
•    Should I be looking into Puppet or Ansible?
•    Is this whole thing over-engineered?  

Any guidance is a huge help.

Royally Ours;

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