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I have a quick question - i see there's ongoing work on SDIO for ARM
platforms which is required for wifi; and I a have a question on
firmware. I think (from what i have seen so far) there's only 1 linux
distro that ships the firmware with it (for RPI). Is this something
related to licensing?

I am curious for when the RPI wifi HW ends up being supported on
FreeBSD if it will be possible to ship the firmware with the image
itself or does it require the user to use the port below?

As this relates to base connectivity, it would be nice to have that on
the image itself without having to setup up wired connectivity just to
get the wifi working, so after booting the user can configure it with
a keyboard and start using it.

Ah, one more question (too lazy to revisit top of email to modify it
to "i have two questions") - it seems there's no link to from Is there another official page
from the project with documentation? A feedback i have is to make the
"Documentation" page on the main website a bit more stream lined to
present all available resources.

Thanks for the awesome show and keep up the great work!!
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