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Hi Allen, Benedict,

In response to the question in episode 217 about the “undermydesk” reference in the NTP config.h file, I’ve managed to find the following on a 2003 message on the freebsd-current mailing list:
On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 07:05:04PM -0500, jimd_NOSPAM at wrote:
> What does "i386-undermydesk-freebsd" refer to? What is it used for? Is there
> an "i386-inthedrawer-freebsd", or "i386-intheXbox-freebsd"?
It is an in-side joke by some FreeBSD developers, that we keep alive on
the 5-CURRENT branch.  It isn't used in release branches.
It was started by Alfred Perlstein, and really came to life during the
sparc64 porting work:
<d00d1> I'm having a lot of trouble building world on my Sparc Ultra
<sparcguy> d00d1: you've got your ultra on your desk don't you?
<d00d1> yeah
<sparcguy> d00d1: that's an unsupported configuration, sorry
-- David  (obrien at
Maybe it would be worth an email to Alfred Perlstein to get more of the story?

Best regards,
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