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Hello Allan and Benedict!

I have a few questions for the show.
I'm an OpenBSD user and i also have a FreeNAS server at home.

1. What is the most efficient/fastest way to get storage on FreeNAS to be used on OpenBSD? Is Samba the way to go or maybe NFS? Does NFS offer any password/certificate based security? Is there any other protocol that i maybe missing that would allow me to use the storage from FreeNAS on OpenBSD?

2. On OpenBSD host i use vmm as a virtualization platform and run linux to develop .net core applications. I keep hearing you guys talk about the goodness of snapshots in OpenZFS so i was wondering is there a way i could incorporate snapshots to backup my work? I guess i would have to "expose" storage from the FreeNAS to the virtual machine and then do snapshots on FreeNAS, right? Do you know of any protocol that would be the best to do that?

3. Is X11 forwarding the fastest possible way to run remote application on local machine? I would like to use Visual Studio Code (which works on linux) from vmm guest on OpenBSD host. I tried it and it feels a bit slow. I hate the idea of having a vnc session open just for one application. Is there anything else that would allow me to run a remote application on local X server natively-fast?

Love the show, keep up the good work!

Greetings from Slovenia
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