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Hi Allan and Benedict,

Could you give a quick overview of the FreeBSD project revision control system?

I remember M.W. Lucas mentioning two systems during episode 267 but I think they were back to front.  Benedict corrected the statement but the conversation had moved on.

While reading the man page for git I was amused to find this line in the name description " git - the stupid content tracker ". 

I can remember Allan mentioning that the FreeBSD git repository was a read only copy of the projects "source of truth" but thought a quick run down of the projects setup could provide a useful guide to people.

I was prompted to ask this question after reading a recent Greg "groggy" Lemis blog entry Thurs 28th Feb 2019 - The horrors of revision control.

At the end of the blog post he links to a humorous tongue in cheek auto-generated man page on git.

Love the show and tune in each week from Australia
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