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Hello Allan and Benedict and JT,

I figured I would ask the experts on a question that has been kind of nagging at me for a while. What is each of your strategies for doing zfs snapshots? This is on a desktop and a laptop. Currently, I am doing them once a day at 10pm and 11pm respectively. These snapshots are then replicated to my freenas. However, with zxfer and zrepl being available, it is fairly simple to snapshot more often. What I am trying to work out in my head is how often one should/does snapshot a desktop machine.

For a critical server it makes sense to snap every 10 minutes, save one as an hourly, save one of the hourlies as a daily, and so forth...But what makes sense for a desktop? I was thinking either Hourly -> daily -> weekly and so forth or possibly every 6 hrs (4x/day) -> daily -> weekly, etc.


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