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thanks for a great show.

Recently someone suggested using an access point's association table to tell
if a phone was nearby, thereby indicating that someone had arrived home.

This approach only works for arrivals but creates false positives for a person
departing the area.  At least for iOS devices, they disassociate after an
idle period to save battery and instead rely on 4G for things like push
notifications.  I learnt this the hard way (house lights going off even
though I was home!)

I found two workarounds for this:

add your bluetooth device MAC to /etc/bluetooth/hosts and run something like:
# /usr/sbin/l2ping -a mydevice -i 1 -c 3 2>&1 | /usr/bin/sed -rn '/result=0[^x]/p' | /usr/bin/grep -q mydevice && echo "Found" || echo "Not found"
I use a cheap BT dongle passed through to a VM to do the polling.


Install a free app like "Home Remote" and set up a geofence which you can
trigger upon arrival or departure within a given radius.  You can specify a custom
action (I make a HTTP call a CGI script on my webserver).

And now a question: I have a few IP cameras in my house whose streams I want
to re-encode in real-time.  Do you know of any combination of hardware and
drivers that will allow ffmpeg to decode/encode h.264 with hardware

I have an nVidia card which is capable but have struggled compiling ffmpeg
with support on FreeBSD.

Software encoding is just too CPU intensive.

Currently I use the main and substreams of the camera and HLS, but I can't do
nice things like text box overlays (as this requires re-encoding).

Thanks again,
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