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Let me start by saying thanks for the awesome show. Keep up the great work!

I have two questions.


[I am including a Reddit link to my question because Reddit provides much better formatting tools than my email client, I don’t expect you to reply to my Reddit thread. Hopefully it’s easier for you to read this way!]


Inside my jail I was previously able to install LibreSSL alongside Nginx. At some point Nginx (from `pkg`) was changed and I am no longer able to install LibreSSL and Nginx together; installing Nginx actually forces me to uninstall LibreSSL. I can’t find any mention in the changelog for Nginx about requiring OpenSSL or explicitly disallowing LibreSSL. Is there another reason for this change? Where would I look for information like this? If this is a packaging issue rather than an Nginx or LibreSSL issue, how would I know that? Should I just contact the package maintainer directly? 

Thanks for any help, and thanks again for the great show!
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