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Hi guys,

in the last episode you had a mail from Joseph regarding monitoring. Here my experiences over the years:

After a long period of time using Nagios 1.x, I used Zabbix in a different company. The system is still in use, as far as I know, and it is quite OK for a smaller number of hosts. The Nagios system in my company was replaced by CheckMK and this solution is still in use. We are monitoring around 500 hosts in different locations using multiple monitoring servers. CheckMK is mostly a configuration extension for Nagios. It allows you to automate the service detection using a GUI (WATO) and has some nice enhancements. Beside that they provide an easy way to setup distributed monitoring and they integrate the most common Nagios plug-ins like NagVis etc, in their enterprise edition they optionally replace the Nagios core with their enhanced monitoring core. This helps a lot if you need to poll a lot of SNMP devices. But I haven't used that myself, yet.

Here you can find a nice picture of the architecture they use:

For me it combines the best of two worlds. The compatibility to Nagios and the WATO Configuration Interface for GUI lovers. As we are managing the monitoring within a team, every member can manage the monitoring based on his/her skill level. The system is very stable. The update process is well designed and you can see that people with experiences have designed it. They have integrated a command line too that helps you to configure and manage what they call a monitoring site. You can run, setup, export, backup, update monitoring sites using that command and it manages the complete setup for that installation. It makes it easy to run even multiple monitoring installations on the same box and for example give different departments their own monitoring instance.

Maybe someone is looking for such features and this helps him to find a good monitoring solution for his needs. The Raw Edition is free and open source.

But their is one downside... we don't have a port in FreeBSD, yet.

Kind Regards,

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