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Hi Allan and Benedict (and JT if you're reading),

Thanks again for the great show!  This is a long email, so feel free to split it up or omit parts.


On episode 230, Jason asked about broken ports resulting from the default configuration of tracking HEAD for the ports tree and the quarterly branch for packages.  I posted about that last year along with a script making it easy to use the quarterly branch for ports:

It's nothing fancy, but it does the job.  I've also included it as part of a GitHub project:


Second, I'm about to start a new project at work where I'll have an influence on the CI/CD/hosting infrastructure, so I'd like to recommend FreeBSD if it fits.  I've managed FreeBSD on my desktop and individual servers for years, but never a cluster.  I'd need to provide an environment as easy and scalable as Docker containers managed by Kubernetes on AWS, but Docker didn't seem to be production ready on FreeBSD the last time I tried it.  Any input or pointers to references?

On a related note, I thought you mentioned that the FreeBSD CI/CD team was looking for help, but I can't find the details in recent episode notes.  Could you please point me to the notes/links so I can see if it's something I could help with when work slows down a bit?
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