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# Install FEMP
freebsd-update fetch install
pkg install nano nginx mysql56-server php70 php70-mysqli php70-xml  php70-gd php70-curl php70-zlib php70-zip php70-hash php70-tokenizer
cp /usr/local/etc/php.ini-production /usr/local/etc/php.ini
#sed to replace ";cgi.fix_pathinfo=0" to "cgi.fix_pathinfo=1" in /usr/local/etc/php.ini
sysrc nginx_enable="yes" mysql_enable="yes" php_fpm_enable="yes"
service nginx start
service mysql-server start
service php-fpm start
#sed to replace "listen =" to "listen = /var/run/php-fpm.sock" & uncomment ;listen.owner = www ;listen.group = www ;listen.mode = 0660 in  /usr/local/etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf
service php-fpm restart
#sed to run through mysql install, set root pass, defaults
#sed to replace "';user nobody" to " user www"  set "worker processes to value of sysctl hw.ncpu" in /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
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