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Hi Benedict and Allan,

I was catching up on back episodes last week and noticed that my feedback from Ep. 303 was read in Ep 310. So I felt like I owed you guys a follow up email on my progress with regards to the OpenZFS port.

In the episode, you asked what I was trying to accomplish with the buildworld and buildkernel steps. And the short answer is: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯- I had no idea what I was doing, to be quite honest. Despite my past dabbling and strong POSIX OS familiarity, I am still very much a FreeBSD noob. So, I went back and installed a snapshot (August 15th) of 12-STABLE and started over, installing the source tree that came with the snapshot. I created a new VirtualBox VM (so as to have something easy to set up and tear down) to do my testing.

Successfully compiling the OpenZFS port and kernel module, I am able to reboot and verify that the openzfs.ko module is loaded with 'kldstat'. I can see and import the ZFS pool that I created after the base OS install. However, I am still stuck being unable to mount the ZFS pool at boot, which puts me back where I was before starting over with a fresh install. I have a feeling that there is still a step that I am missing.

However, I am determined to make this work, if for no other reason that my own edification and BSD education. I have recently resurrected an old PC case with a new Intel Atom board and would like to make a home NAS system with BSD. I have long been intrigued by the advanced features of file systems previously only available on BSD operating systems such as HAMMER and ZFS.

Although I was very impressed with the utter simplicity of DragonFly BSD, the expanding multi-platform support of ZFS and software collection of FreeBSD felt like a better fit for my potential use cases.

I realize that I could accomplish what I am wanting to do with the ZFS included by default with FreeBSD, but something about OpenZFS intrigues me. Is there a timeline for when OpenZFS would be considered production-ready? Thanks again for the great work you do on the podcast, and thanks also for your patience with the New Guy.
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