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I'm a BSD Now viewer and looking for help.

I'm in need of a FreeBSD consultant to assist with some technical
issues, migration, and planning.

I work for a small regional ISP and e-mail provider.  We are just barely
keeping our head above water.  The small company began out of the
original owner's garage in the BBS days of the early 90s.   Some years
ago, the original company closed down and the original owner (and
primary system administrator) moved out of state.  The servers,
employees, and customers were acquired by another small local company to
keep the services going.  Since then the company has lost their
remaining system administrator. 

<skipping lots of details>

Now, I am the one remaining employee.  The current owner is not a *nix
or *bsd administrator.  Our three FreeBSD servers are running ancient
versions (7.4-RELEASE-p3), and Exim 4.72 (SMTP) just announced that all
versions, but the latest, are vulnerable to an RCE bug.

We have explored migrating to a new up-to-date version of FreeBSD or
migrating the services (POP/IMAP/SMTP/DNS) to some sort of managed
environment that would be appropriate for us since we no longer have a

We need someone to discuss our situation in more detail to help come up
with a permanent solution, hopefully, before we suffer a compromise from
the Exim, or some other bug. 

Perhaps a bandaid could be applied by manually compiling the patched
Exim on our existing server, which could buy time to make more permanent

In any event, you folks are knowledgeable and clever.  I'm hoping you
can offer some suggestions for our situation and/or offer suggestions
for someone we could hire to help fix this mess.

If you, or someone you know, has some free time and is up for a
challenge, please let me know if we can start a conversation online or
over the phone.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,
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