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Hi Allan, JT, and Benedict,

This is a follow-up to a conversation I had with Allan on IRC. I switched my laptop over to FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE. I noticed that they had a new tool, bectl and created a BE out of the box. So I took a few minutes to write a script that manually create a new BE if freebsd-update fetch indicates that there are new kernel components to be installed. In effect it creates and activates a new BE, instructs you to reboot into it and run freebsd-update install, and reboot again. I haven't figured out yet how to bolt the script into the plumbing of FreeBSD to automate some of this stuff like TrueOS did.

In speaking to Allan, he pointed out that he didn't like the fact that rolling back to a previous BE causes anything you have installed or changes to config files would be lost. I started rooting around in the BE, and noticed that /usr/local is included in the boot environment. If I understood the concept, the BE is supposed to be decoupled from the user data (e.g. /home) and the userland apps (e.g. /usr/local). So my question is whether moving /usr/local to it's own dataset? Would that keep rolling back to a previous BE from whacking changes? And is this a bug-worthy item?
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