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Hi Benedict, Allan,

First off keep up the good work, I often listen to your podcasts while driving from work, while I have only been listening to them for around two months now, I have already gained some knowledge about BSD and ZFS, as well as how other things might work.

Now onto my question.

I am returning to University in October to continue my computer science degree and I will be studying Object Orientated Java first.
But the problem is that the university uses its own modified BlueJ IDE for Java, which only comes packages for UNIX as .deb or .dmg.
As a student who wants to move his laptop to BSD and does not want to run VMs locally I feel a small server maybe the best solution, example,

FreeNAS that acts as both a storage server for backups and VMs, with the ability to log in graphically to the VMs using some sort of VNC client.
The setup would only have 2 drives, setup in RAID1 via ZFS, but my most important files would be backed up to a service like TarSnap.

While my description is very bare bones I am still planning on a setup like this and was wondering if both of you could add your suggestions towards the plan? maybe something completely different?

Additionally for the laptop which is a Lenovo X220 would you choose FreeBSD or TrueOS for a student? I like what TrueOS is doing but I imagine they have a lot more breakage than FreeBSD does.

Many thanks both!
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