Kurt - Question about transferability/bi-directionality of ZFS snapshots and send/receive

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Hi Allan and Benedict,

Thank you for the show each week!  I have question about a ZFS situation I am facing, which is the replacement of my main disk in my computer. I've been using snapshots and ZFS send to back up the current main disk, so that currently the main disk and the backup disk have a dozen or more monthly snapshots that correspond to each other.

My question is, and perhaps it is silly to ask because the designers of ZFS seem to have anticipated nearly every need, if I transfer snapshots from the original main disk to the new source disk, can those snapshots be used as the basis for updating the backup with ZFS send going forward?  Put more concretely, if the original source disk has snapshot @April2018, and the backup disk has @April2018, can I transfer @April2018 to the new disk, and then do an incremental send based on @April2018 from the new disk to the backup in May 2018?

My other thought about this situation was perhaps I should send snapshots from the backup to the new disk, and then once everything is caught up and the same snapshots exist in both places then turn the direction around: start using the new disk, and then send new snapshots generated on the new disk in the other direction back to the backup.

I hope that is clear!  Also if you think of any subtleties that I should watch out for in this process I would be grateful if you would mention them.  Thanks again!
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